D. A young girl who's not idealistic or hopeful and keeps getting misunderstood. All-European, all-time fangirl. Obsessions & things you might see here include Jason Behr, KaDee Strickland, Private Practice (Charlotte/Cooper), Roswell (Max/Liz), Downton Abbey (Anna/Bates, Mary/Matthew), Wicked, Rent, Idina Menzel, Rachel Tucker, Gina Beck, Chris Lowell, The Big Bang Theory (Penny/Leonard), random movies or TV shows or musicals, skiing, personal rants about my pathetic life. I want to defy gravity one day and set foot on every continent. I sometimes disappear in an attempt to grow up. I also love scuba diving, useless knowledge, classic movies, icheckmovies, statistics, museums, alcohol, airline miles, everything basque and starting my day reading articles on HuffPo. PTV.

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My spirit animal.

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"The butterflies you gave me have died off from suffocation."

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There is something hilarious in the fact that 13 days going into 2014, I already had a one-night stand, continued with the inappropriate crush which will now hopefully very quickly turn into loathe and started falling for someone I have known for years.